All training, whether it is a new soft or technical skill, will result in a behaviour change for the delegate.  They will start DOING something differently.  Our training methodology is set firmly in the science of Applied Behaviour Analysis.

Our Approachtraining-practical


Delegates need to enjoy the process.  People do not learn when they are bored.  So there needs to be, what we call, ‘relevant fun’ during an intervention.


The process needs to engage the emotions of your people.  They need to feel passionate about their role and how important they are to your business.


Any process needs to be relevant to the delegates’ role.  Where relevant, delegates need to practice the new or refreshed skills.  We find that delegates mainly have an activist learning style so this needs to be accounted for and related to.


An event or learning process needs to stimulate delegates to think.  To do this it must get them to reflect on their own experiences, their present behaviours and deeply consider the importance of the new behaviours. There must also be a range of activities so that there is variety and delegates are kept on their toes.


It must involve delegates.  They need to be involved in being challenged, answering questions, giving feedback, debating themes, working in small teams, presenting and playing. Our aim is to make sure these factors are integral to the design and delivery of any intervention.


With over 20 years of experience in delivering training events we have come to realise that an 8 hour training ‘day’ doesn’t suit every business or delegate.  We therefore enjoy being challenged by our clients to devise alternative formats for training such as: Toolbox Talks, Skills Labs, Video Conferencing, Espresso sessions or Webinars.

Needs Analysis

Every intervention, no matter how small, will involve some amount of Training Needs Analysis from us.  This might be a series of phone calls, emails, meetings or spending time on-site gathering data and looking at the most appropriate content and format to deliver the results you have defined.

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Leadership & Management

From team leaders, to Board Members, there is an opportunity to help you achieve real improvements in leadership performance. Focusing on where existing leadership skills lie, and showing you how to develop and adapt them.

MadAbout’s process of developing leadership competency and capability is demonstrated in the picture: the orientation of the organisation and the future needs of the organisation play a crucial role in identifying the competencies of a new, existing and aspiring leader.

Leadership Development

Working with Licensed individual personality and team profilers, and qualified behaviouralists, MadAbout can make a genuine assessment of your leadership capabilities and provide advice on the interventions that can drive a real improvement in leadership capability.

These interventions can range from coaching to modular based training programmes  to one-off high impact off-site initiatives that are collaborative and focused on experiential learning.

MadAbout would work with you to develop the process that sits around the leadership competency framework ensuring that the correct model of consequence is in place.




MadAbout Sales Training can help you:

  • discover how to improve sales results
  • achieve a stronger competitive position
  • develop stronger customer perceptions of the value of your solution
  • convert more customers
  • develop a consultative sales approach
  • explore and develop customer needs

MadAbout will work with you to develop your Sales and Marketing teams through training, coaching and on-going development programmes.

The type of solutions available, could include:

    • Prospecting over the phone
    • Converting prospects into customers
    • Account Strategy for Major Sales
    • Time and Territory Management
    • Negotiation Skills
    • Strategic Selling and Key Account Management
    • Persuasive Sales Presentations
    • Managing a Sales Team
    • Effective Sales Proposals
    • Professional Selling – Telesales and Field Sales

Soft Skillstraining-coaching

MadAbout also deliver courses on the following topics:

  • Building Customer Relationships
  • Time Management
  • Presentation Skills
  • Running Effective Meetings
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Assertiveness and Confidence
  • Dealing with Change
  • Effective Recruitment
  • Project Management
  • Train the Trainer
  • Amongst many other soft skills topics, contact us to discuss

PLEASE REMEMBER – We do not deliver off-the-shelf training courses.  Everything we deliver is bespoke to the needs of the client.  If you would like an event that is a blend of the above courses, we will happily discuss that with you

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Increasingly, organisations are turning to MadAbout to use our professional and personalised coaching expertise. Our trained coaches will work one on one with the individual to help them improve their performance.

The MadAbout coach will work with you to produce a plan of action that you can follow with confidence. Coaching sessions can be conducted face-to-face, over the telephone or via Skype.

Train the Coach.  We also run courses on coaching.  These help organisations to create their own Coaching Culture, delivering greater operational results through increased employee engagement.

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