MadAbout deliver measurable business training solutions.

MadAbout offer an impressive portfolio of consultancy based interventions. These include leadership development, customer experience, management courses, continuous improvement.

Our measurable business solutions are innovative and creative. MadAbout’s unique approach to training and leadership development has been proven time and again to deliver the ROI that ensures our clients return to us year on year.

We have a track record of delivering incredible business results for serious global businesses:

  • 15% increased sales volume
  • £5m cost saving
  • sourced a £2m un-tapped revenue opportunity
  • record breaking increase in customer service NPS scores

MadAbout’s proven methodology can provide these results to your business. We take the time to diagnose your business to ensure that our solutions help you achieve your goals.

We use Applied Behaviour Analysis and System Thinking to underpin all of our training and business interventions.

Applied Behavioural Analysis is a scientific theory that delivers real people results based on 80 years of research. It’s fascinating, powerful, exciting and delivers that all important ROI.

System Thinking is a way of diagnosing what is really going on within a business.

Do you have a need in your business to do things differently?

It may be you need to win more work? Do you understand the tension between quality and cost? Do you want to double your volume but the systems and processes won’t support that strategy? Is your growth path harder than expected?

Your people need support and development.

We have helped hundreds of businesses across the globe achieve sustainable results that have made a measurable difference.

We are dedicated to helping your business grow. We want to help you to understand where your organisation is now, where you want it to be and what it will take to get from here to there.

Tailoring the solutions to your business, MadAbout can work with you to develop your teams through training, coaching, development programmes to help you achieve real improvements in performance.