We want to help you to understand clearly: where your organisation is now, where you want it to be and what it will take to get from here to there

Our Approach to Business Consultancy

All MadAbout interventions, no matter how small, involve some degree of consultancy.  Whether this is a simple telephone conversation, an email exchange or a complete organisational diagnostic, we strive to ensure our interventions deliver your results and are tailored to your organisation and your people.

We have strong values about what we charge a client and aim to ensure that our clients gain the most from any paid work we do.  It won’t cost you anything to pick up the phone and ask us “ what do you think I could do here?”

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In the example of being asked for a Team Building event, we send our clients a set of questions about what they want to achieve, the team and its history and things they have done before. This information would then be used to create our initial proposal. Between us and the client we will then continue to discuss the intervention up-to and including the event to ensure it delivers the right result.

Organisational Diagnostic

MadAbout offer complete organisational diagnostics. A team (if appropriate) of experienced, industry trained and qualified MadAbout consultants would spend time in your organisation examining its current state and mapping your culture and, conducting analysis around: supervisory skills; skills gaps; meeting efficacy; project management skills and applied behaviour analysis of current performance. Using this information we would be able to accurately advise your next steps to move from your current to future performance and the best way to manage your teams and resources through this change.

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MadAbout consultants can work in a variety of formats.  Which one you choose will depend on the result you are trying to achieve.

Lean Process Engineering

Spending time looking at your existing processes, gathering performance data and working with your teams to discover more efficient ways to deliver your products or services.

We pride ourselves on aiming to leave our clients in a stronger position when we leave, avoiding ‘creeping-consultancy’ and a reliance on us.  We hope that whatever tools we use will become part of your everyday business behaviour.


Acting as a support service to our clients on specific projects or through a key stage in an organisation’s development, MadAbout consultants can operate either in your building or from afar – whichever is best to deliver your result.


We are often asked to supply a MadAbout consultant to work full or part-time on a fixed term contract.  This enables us to get to the heart of an organisation and offer better support by breathing the same air.  We have consultants with a vast array of experiences from HR leadership, Organisational Develoment and Change Management to Sales, Operations and Process and Performance Improvement.

Case Study

MadAbout were asked to deliver a training intervention for a client with Service Engineers. The intervention was to focus on a single UK region of a global brand. The region was delivering consistently low NPS scores –in fact they were the second lowest UK region in Customer Satisfaction.

Work started with discussion with Senior Management to understand their view of the value of the NPS score to the business and how it was collated. This was followed-up with discussions with the Senior Management Team to identify current methods of reinforcement (positive and negative) – how they currently got people to perform and what they did  when people under-performed.

A 2 day event was delivered for the region’s 12 Local Managers and the Regional Manager; they were introduced to ABA and their role in using it to effectively manage performance.

Service Engineers and office staff who consistently (over a 12 month period) received a high (above 80%) NPS score were invited to a conference-style event. These “Champions” were rewarded for their results and, at the same event, asked to detail the behaviours they felt contributed to their scores.

The 12 Local Managers attended a second 1 day event where the behaviours from the Champions group were analysed and a format was devised for observing them when they occurred. This event also followed-up the ABA theory and the managers’ use of it since the 2 day event.

Two training workshops were then created: one for the offi ce staff whose interactions with the customer were mainly over the telephone, the other for Service Engineers who deal with their customers face-to-face.

Delegates at the workshops were asked to discuss good customer service behaviour and the seed was sewn for them to start delivering the Champions’ behaviours that were proven to deliver high NPS scores. One month after the workshops were delivered, the 12 Local Managers attended a half-day meeting where the results and their own methods of observing and reinforcing behaviour were discussed.

Two months after the workshops were delivered a 1-2-1 meeting was held with the Regional Manager where his methods of reinforcing the Local Managers were discussed.

The Results

The region’s NPS scores moved them up to the second highest scoring region globally.

In addition the region’s staff satisfaction scores showed a steady increase. During a period of austerity, when the business made cuts due to lack of demand, the region managed to maintain its high staff satisfaction scores – delivering over 75% when the company average dipped below 50%.

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