Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy


Our enthusiasm is contagious – give us the toughest challenge and we will turn it into an adventure which captivates, inspires and motivates people to achieve sustained success.

The ‘Mad’ in MadAbout is about Making A Difference (M-A-D). And we adopt that approach in everything we do.

Who are MadAbout?

destination-successMadAbout is a creative management consultancy that helps organisations develop their people by focusing on behaviour change.

Our work in the areas of leadership development and performance has delivered measurable results to organisations around the world, which has been underpinned by MadAbout’s unrivalled expertise and experience in the behavioural change arena.

Whatever the circumstances, we have a reputation with our clients for innovation, hard work and good humour. We enjoy doing what we do and are passionately committed to helping our clients achieve success.

What is a MadAbout intervention like?

Every time you interact with MadAbout it will be high impact, active and fun…

Our workshops will be engaging and energising, brought to life using tasks, role play, video, case studies, group discussion, individual reflection, group activities… as opposed to PowerPoint and talk and chalk!!

MadAbout sessions will be both participative and interactive; delegates get a chance to share experiences, provide input and ideas, ensuring the sessions are practical and the vital link to the ‘real world’ is made. A MadAbout workshop is a chance to practice the new behaviours in the ‘safe’ environment of the training room. Providing constructive feedback to develop the delegates live and in ‘real time’ is the best and most effective way of getting real and sustained behaviour change.

It’s about equipping your people with the skills they need and have the confidence to apply; practical and simple tools which can be used in the workplace the same day.

Success with MadAboutvoice-in-head

We know what factors are needed in order to make the intervention a success and achieve lasting behavioural changes.

Our definition of success is that delegates undertake the pre-agreed set of behaviours that you want from them when they return to their role.  And they do so because they truly know how to apply the behaviours, understand why they are important and want to do them as opposed to having to.