• Olympic Gold Leadership and Communication

    In 2004 the Olympic Women’s hockey team didn’t qualify for Athens. In 2008 in Beijing they came 6th, in 2012 they won Bronze; on August 19th 2016, as part of the most successful overseas British Olympic Team performance ever, they spectacularly won Gold. The success came at a cost. Sacrifices were made. Uncountable hours of […]

  • Summer is finally here!

    As you get ready for some well deserved R&R, this is the perfect time to take stock, dream BIG and set your final goals for 2016. Here are 9 essential questions to ponder, to get those creative juices flowing. Do you get annoyed when initiatives fail to deliver your expectations? How often do you find […]

  • The impact of BREXIT on your people

    I just wanted to share something that has happened in the last 24 hours. 3 CEO clients have asked us for help them – all in the last 24 hours. They want help to manage the impact of Brexit on their people. Truthfully, I was a little shocked and surprised, as I was half expecting […]

  • Anyone for a Pop-Tart?

    I watched my 2 year old son this morning being his most unpleasant self (I really don’t think it’s that complicated to eat the Pop-Tart that you’ve just screamed for!!) and I think ‘Bloody hell Finlay, why are you behaving like this?’ – what a shocking confession for someone who has spent 20+ years working […]

  • 13 Management Practices that waste time and money

    Oh WOW – just finished reading for the 3rd time ‘Oops, 13 Management Practices that waste time and Money’ by Aubrey Daniels. I love this book. Almost as much as his other book ‘Bringing out the Best in People’ Each chapter makes me laugh out loud as I reflect on my own career, the organisations […]

  • It’s time to ditch your common sense!

    The problem with common sense is that it isn’t really common at all! It’s drawn from our own individual personal experiences and, as such, is as different as our own lives. A topic I’ve written about before: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/article/leadership-common-sense-really-lisa-collinson I work with leaders of businesses who regularly say ‘why didn’t they‘ (when referring to their latest ‘eejit employee’) just […]

  • Leadership is Pure You

    Leadership lessons from the 1st Viscount William Slim Recently a colleague meandered along Whitehall after a client meeting. Upon passing a particular statue he stopped to pause, “Ah” he said, “Leadership is pure you”. It turns out that the statue was of 1st Viscount William Slim and “Leadership is pure you” is one of his […]

  • Would you like a chocolate?

    Would you like a chocolate? The core to a behavioural approach to change is the need to understand the behaviours that are currently happening in a business and why they are occurring. Underpinning this is Reinforcement Theory – a theory of motivation that seeks to explain how people choose certain behaviours rather than others. It […]

  • The Value of Positive Reinforcement

    In Aubrey Daniels’ short video… http://aubreydaniels.com/behavioral-minute-positive-reinforcement-and-relationships … he raises the issue of the value of positive reinforcement in an environment where a positive relationship does not exist between the giver and the receiver. As the author of many books including some of the fundamental intellectual models that MadAbout believes in, his theory seems obvious. But […]

  • ‘I’m a manager – not a psychologist!’

    In my 20 year career working with businesses and organisations in both the private, public and charity sector, I have used a wide variety of training methods and tools as a trainer and as a line manager/leader: from NLP (Neuro Lingustic Programming), MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) to Transactional Analysis. All of these interventions were […]

  • Brainstorming – a healthy alternative to creative thinking!

    Now, we love a good brainstorm at MadAbout. Loads of sweets, flipcharts, post-it notes and coloured pens. People in a room with a clear brief of a problem to solve and the high energy that the ‘no idea is a bad idea’ culture brings. BOOM! You’ve got yourself a brainstorm. Nominal Group Technique We use […]