The Value of Positive Reinforcement

In Aubrey Daniels’ short video…

… he raises the issue of the value of positive reinforcement in an environment where a positive relationship does not exist between the giver and the receiver.

As the author of many books including some of the fundamental intellectual models that MadAbout believes in, his theory seems obvious. But it is not common practice.

Positive reinforcement is offered in many situations to reward a behaviour – a recognised practice but if unaccompanied by associated positive emotion can often have the opposite effect with long-term damaging outcomes.

If a behaviour carries a reward, the individual involved may act in a way that gets the reward because it has a value, specific pounds/dollars/rupees/yen, or it fulfils a need (the toaster mentioned in the video clip). But, it may be done in spite of, or to prove a point to a manager or colleague if a positive relationship does not exist within the business.

In the long-term, decisions within business can be made in black and white, some people evaluate those pounds/dollars/rupees/yen or the hours they work, but in a majority of situations, the values, beliefs and emotions of an individual come in to play. It is those unquantifiable factors that do need to be considered for long-term business success. So strategic planning in black and white also needs to include some pink/green/yellow and grey (whatever floats your boat) because the value of the ‘feeling’ can enhance or overshadow the actual value of the reward.

MadAbout understands the principles of R+; positive reinforcement and the Model of Human Behaviour that identifies the creation of an individual’s ideas/values and beliefs.

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