Summer is finally here!

As you get ready for some well deserved R&R, this is the perfect time to take stock, dream BIG and set your final goals for 2016. Here are 9 essential questions to ponder, to get those creative juices flowing.

  1. Do you get annoyed when initiatives fail to deliver your expectations?
  1. How often do you find yourself asking for the same information?
  1. Do you hold your head in your hands and ask why they can’t just do what you ask?
  1. How often do you go down to the shop floor and interact with the staff?
  1. Does your IT system have more “bolt­ons” than original coding?
  1. If you asked a handful of frontline employees could they tell you what the organisational aims are?
  1. Do your systems and processes give you the information to manage your business, to predict resource uplifts, early warning of downturns or cash flow squeezes?
  1. Most operations have a waste rate in excess of “30%” ­ do you know what yours is?
  1. How much money do you spend each year on improving your staff outside required or compulsory training?

Asking these high quality questions may be daunting, but is a great starting point to create meaningful and lasting change for your business. We’re here to help. So, grab a pen and paper, get brainstorming and schedule your Madabout consultation this September.