• Leadership by common sense is not really leadership.

    Leaders either get what they want – or they get what they deserve. There is a widely held belief that an organisation would have few, if any, problems if only the employees would do their jobs correctly. In fact, the key to successful improvements more often lies in changes within the system where the work […]

  • Playing Mum to my Product Family

    I spend my days shifting wildly between shouting at board directors for not following the advice I’ve given them (and wondering why they are in the s**t again) and shouting at my children for not using the toilet paper correctly (and wondering why they are in the s**t again). In these roles I find myself […]

  • New management system diagram

    A new management system?

    Written by Matt Arnold Business issues can often feel either complicated or complex – and sometimes both. And yet I regularly see senior management trying to find a simple solution. If only life were that easy! I’m frequently asked to help diagnose serious business situations spanning 100s of employees doing their job, together with their […]

  • Suffering

    Why would anyone undertake a painful exercise or task? Jim Price, Director of Consulting for MadAbout gives an insight into the pain-filled world of cycling, how it relates to our every day tasks, the choices we make and how we can improve … “Cyclists live with pain.  If you can’t handle it you will win […]

  • Synthetic Alcohol – All the laughs, none of the pain!

    A synthetic alcohol substitute developed from chemicals similar in composition to Valium, could give users all the buzz of tipsiness without affecting the parts of the brain that lead to pub punch-ups, addiction and sleeping in your clothes. This isn’t some crazy shed-ology scheme dreamt up by odd-balls during their lunch hour, this synthetic is getting […]

  • Froome 2013 or Wiggins 2012?

    Is Chris Froome’s win at the 2013 Tour de France more significant to British Cycling than Wiggins’ win of 2012? While nothing should be taken from Wiggo and Team Sky for what they did in 2012,  undoubtedly a monumental moment in our sporting history: the first ever British winner in the world’s greatest bike race […]